Wing Chun And Rings 'Built from the ground up'

So, who are we ?

We are a group of Martial Arts and Fitness enthusiast’s. Our aim is to share the day to day grind with you. The highs and lows of our journey. Good times and bad. No hiding as we travel through the wonderful world of Calisthenics and Wing Chun Kung Fu.


Based in London, United Kingdom. Our group has an age range of 19 to 45. Our aim is to prove that anything is possible. Hopefully we can spread our enthusiasm for all things martial arts and show that with a little determination and kung fu (hard work), anything is possible.

Our Aim

  • Our aim is to simply share the experiences of our training travels as we motivate and inspire each other, one day & one step at a time.
  • Witness the ups and downs, highs and lows and of course, the fun.
  • With regular training blogs / interviews, factual fitness and health posts. We hope you’ll gain some training tips, motivation and inspiration from a passionate fitness and Martial Arts collective

What is Wing Chun ?

Wing Chun is a southern chinese fighting style. The system itself consists of :

  • Three empty hand forms
  • Two weapon forms
  • The Wooden dummy form

Utilising striking and clinch techniques, wing chun was once famed as a ‘back alley’ fighting style, due to its close quarter nature of fighting. Made world famous By the legendary actor / martial artist Bruce Lee. Wing Chun has gone on to be a very popular art, studied by many world wide.

In the late 2000s interest in this art was reignited further with the release of the Ip Man Film series. GM Yip Man along with Sifu Wong Shun Leung Taught the system to Bruce Lee while he studied at Yip Mans School.

While they say Wing Chun is a simple art to learn, like anything it can take a lifetime to master. It’s this quest for ‘mastering’ the art which keeps many of us training well in to our later years..

GM Yip Man

What are Calisthenics?

Calisthenics simply means Gymnastic exercises to achieve bodily fitness and grace of movement. From the humble push up to the majestic Full plache, if you’re utilising your bodies weight and resistance as part of your training, then you are doing calisthenics.

From dynamic movements to impressive isometric holds, there is something for everyone. The most beautiful part of training calisthenics is one doesn’t need a gym membership!

 Andrea Larosa in action

For us simply combining Martial arts and calisthenics is a way to get a real mind / body connection and of course it’s great fun.

The Link!

Martial Arts is all about body structure, understanding how and when to link muscles to create effortless, immovable strength. Likewise, so is calisthenics. After all, you can be as strong as an ox but if you don’t know how to correctly link your muscles then you’ll never be able to planche. Or do back / front levers on bars or rings and so forth.

As martial artists we need to find ‘strength training’ that relates to and enhances what we are trying to achieve. This is where calisthenics comes in ‘Gymnastic exercises to achieve bodily fitness and grace of movement’. Simple.