Calisthenics ‘NEWBIE’ #1

Wing Chun And Rings 'Built from the ground up'

All The Calisthenics Gear – No Idea.

A term usually reserved for fakers in hugely expensive Italian designer jackets and trainers (sneakers). But this time we are talking about fitness, specifically calisthenics equipment.

A novices view on Calisthenics and how to get inspired!

A base level of fitness is without doubt a prerequisite to Calisthenics, you just won’t be able to go from zero to hero without mangling your body.

All the stunning isometric holds are a great goal but the lead up to them is heavy on the body, exploiting muscles you probably never knew existed.

Build Up – Not Tear Down.

For my endeavours, they started with the humble handstand and it quickly took a toll on my body. Too much, too often and too soon, saw my forearms strapped and wrists protesting!

But, nevertheless my interest evolved, along with buying paralettes and rings. Looking at YouTube videos and trying to work out what to do and quickly discovering what I couldn’t do.


It’s 100% Your Calisthenics Progress.

Because once you realise that a push up is Calisthenics and a pull up also. Things start to open up a little and you can find the total journey more rewarding. Rather than always looking at the top guys blitzing things.

Moreover, if your starting the journey later in life, mid 40s (but let’s say 26 for good measure) those Calisthenics feats can seem a million miles away. But start with 1 and build from there.

Firstly, put your effort in to form, ignore the crowd, ignore the shredded Gods and just do you. Adapt things when you need, do less reps, do negatives (pull ups were a revelation for me).


Be Honest With Yourself!

Keep your training fun, don’t over do it. Most importantly keep momentum and consistency. Shiny new kit is great but not if it just sits in a corner as you’re either unsure what to do on it or disgruntled because you can’t do all the sexy stuff (yet).

Most importantly is to recognise that we all start from a different place, with a different body. An on-line tutorial on a planche won’t be the same for somebody 6ft than it is for someone 5ft 6. Height to weight ratio will be different. And, for example people have different length arms.

We are unique in mind and body.

These differences change our approach to calisthenics and should therefore change how we view our own progress. Try not to judge yourself against others, it will only lead to disappointment.

Below are 5 calisthenics videos I found to be a help. Maybe they’ll inspire a bump to YOUR journey too. Enjoy.

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Give them a study whilst your plotting were you can put the new gymnastic rings (without knocking your head on them all the time).

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