Fitness Beginners Beware!! (The clickbait scam)

Wing Chun And Rings 'Built from the ground up'

A beginner tutorial, in my opinion has got to be exactly that. An introduction into to the wonderful world of Calisthenics. A complete guide to increasing strength mobility and flexibility.

There are some channels out there doing just this, absolute brilliant work!

However, there are also people ‘miss selling’ ‘Training programs’. We’ve all seen these, ‘Learn to Planche in a month’ or ‘Front Lever in 30 days’. While this is totally impossible as these hold require solid basics and time served conditioning of ligaments and tendons. They are also selling the impossible dream to those longing for hope.

Imagine, you are sitting there, unfit, and you finally decide to make a ‘lifestyle’ change. You stumble across ‘Planche in a month for beginners’ and think “how cool would this be”. You follow along with exercises, simply too advanced for your ability and within two weeks you’ve completely wrecked your tendons and ligaments in your shoulders and arms. Not only are you injured, not only are you possibly put off from training, you are also now mentally ruined.

If you cant do a ‘beginner’ tutorial.. is there any hope for you? The truth is – this wasn’t a beginner tutorial, No steps in Planche training are for a complete beginner and you were simply miss-sold a dream. We have a duty to inspire people safely, through our work, and while there is nothing wrong with doing ‘high level’ or ‘Advance skills’ tutorials.

“We must label them as this, not just sell a dream for views and likes”.

There is nothing wrong at all with setting our sights ‘sky high’ but as discussed in the video below, we break these goals down into smaller achievable goals. This way, we enable ‘safe’ progression. Whilst setting targets we can hit, which add up eventually to our main aim, as long as we don’t quit!

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