GYM Etiquette ‘FAILS’

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Forget the hype around the latest fad diets, forget all the the advice on how to get that ‘beach body’ in 48 hours. The main thing gym goers ‘new’ and ‘old’ want to focus on is their Etiquette within the training area.

Currently we thought it would be a fun idea to share with you some of what we feel are ‘GYM Etiqutte FAILS’. Whilst some are just down right funny, they can also lead to bad feeling or even conflict within the gym space.

The Selfie

Now, while we are all possibly guilty of this at times, and there is nothing wrong with being proud of your progress. However, and it’s a big however, if taking photos of yourself fills up the majority of your training time, well, there’s an issue. As a person active on instagram and other forms of social media I do take photos and vidoes of training. However not during training sessions, and not when people are trying seriously train. There is nothing wrong with tracking your progress, Just don’t drive everyone mad in the process.


Next up for us it’s ‘sweating’. Now we ain’t talking about working up a good old fashion sweat. We are talking about those disgusting humans who sweat all over the benches and machines then just walk away. Leaving some poor soul to wipe their bodily fluids from the equipment. Simply put, there is no excuse for this conduct, it’s down right unhygienic and foul. Under no circumstances should you leave the cleaning of equipment to another gym goer. If you do, you need to look into your Gym Etiquette NOW!

The Phone User

No one likes those people who hog the machines / benches. Especially when they ain’t even training. Sitting on your phone for 20 minutes whilst someone is waiting to use the equipment you’re ‘perched’ on is just rude. All you’ve got to do is simply move on! There’s no need for you to take up space on equipment that your not actually using. Please bare in mind some people have limited time to train and your actions are actually effecting the quality of their gym experience.


I was raised to understand manners cost nothing, yet, that are the most valuable thing in your possession. Bad manners can turn the prettiest person in to a rather ugly character in seconds. Yet in some environments they seem easily forgotten. Maybe it’s the ‘macho’ habitat of the gym that creates these Etiquette fails, or maybe just human nature? Whatever the reasons I know for the sake of a happy gym we need to keep all these to a minimum!

Stay Tuned

So, stay tuned as we feed out more of our ‘GYM Etiquette FAILS’ and let us know, what in your view is a ‘GYM Etiquette FAIL.

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