Wing Chun And Rings 'Built from the ground up'

So as we enter a new year/Decade we decided to kick start it with a bang… a big one.

And here it is, the launch of our YouTube channel ‘Inspire Through Actions – Calisthenics It’s an excellent chance for us to document the journey via Vlogging. Feeding out a range of videos ,hopefully inspiring you guys into joining our fitness crazy lifestyle

Here is a quick look at some of our stuff so far

Our Tips and things we found helpful

Training Equipment we find useful

And more humorous things we see and find day to day in the gym.

As per normal you wont find use taking ourselves too seriously. Although our approach to training is, we believe training should be fun. You will simply be joining us on our adventure. Hopefully you may be inspired into increasing your fitness, health and general wellbeing.

We firmly believe sharing is caring, so anything we find useful to our development you can be assured we shall share, After all we are trying to encourage and maybe inspire. Not make everything seem impossible, quite simply if we can do it you can too.

So check out our NEW channel Hit subscribe, and hopefully we can ‘Inspire you through Actions’


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