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Wing Chun And Rings 'Built from the ground up'

So this week it’s a big pleasure to have Sifu Asiatic from the ufaVingTsun Association alongside us.

I am a big fan of Sifu Asiatics work and enjoy the videos coming out of his school. Master Cliff Au Yeung and he founded the Wong Shun Leung Ving Tsun Kuen Hok Association of Canada in 2010. Master Cliff Au Yeung is a senior disciple of the late grand master Wong Shun Leung. Sifu Asiatic J Delos-Reyes is his overseas representative.

WC&R – So firstly let me say it’s a pleasure to be chatting with you

Likewise, it is a truly a pleasure to chat with you, I’m very humbled for this opportunity!

WC&R – So, could you tell our readers a little bit about yourself?

Sure, my name is Sifu Asiatic, I live in Toronto Canada, I am a dad, martial artist, and entrepenuer. I am the co-founder of the WSLVT Kuen Hok Association of Canada, where it’s home is at my school, UFA Ving Tsun Martial Arts, where I teach full time.

WC&R – When did you first get interested in martial arts?

Actually, in my household, martial arts was mandatory.

my father, who passed away earlier this year, introduced me Ving Tsun and taught me until my late teens.

Apart from wing chun do you study any other martial arts?

Yes, my father also taught me Filipino Martial Arts ( Kali/Escrima/Arnis), as he is Filipino.

I also train, and part of, the Balintawak Cuentada Arnis Association of Canada, which is GM Bobby Taboada’s Canadian chapter.

WC&R – So running a martial arts association must be pretty full on, talk us through an average day.

Running a Martial Arts Association is fun! I produce a few Annual VT/WC events and workshops locally, and across Canada and in the United States, that now have become my signature brands, which include the Wing Chun Exchange, WC in the 6ix, The Wing Chun Summit, Chi Sau Clinic, and Pretty Dangerous by Asiatic Sifu (Women’s Self Defense workshop).

One of my most memorable events was re-uniting Sisook Philipp Bayer and Sifu Cliff Au Yeung for the 1st time since the passing of the late GM WSL, here in Canada.

Big shouts to Sisook PB and the Ving Tsun Kung Fu Association Europe.

Now, running a Martial Arts School, is a very different machine. I have my headquarters just outside of the city, and a couple branches across the GTA (Greater Toronto Area)

My HQ is where I run my full time programs for adults and children. I start them as young as 4 years, and i have students as old as 67 years still training.

A typical day would be getting up around 6am to prepare for my early morning private classes. I normally finish those classes by 1030am. From there I get in front of the computer and start with my daily tasks, that is, an errands to run, email follow ups, prospect appointments, preparing lesson plans for the evening and administrative work for the studio. I will also follow up on my other business ventures and ensure we are on target.

I do set aside at least an hour a day to do my own person training, depending on the day, it could be from training forms, to heavy bag work, meditation, or a senior student will come in and we have fun and play Gor Sau.

By the afternoon time, I continue with private training, then around 4pm, my evening classes begin.

I’m usually in the studio until 1030pm, when I close shop.

WC&R – GM Wong Shun Leung is a very big name in the world of wing chun, could you tell our readers a bit about him.

I’ve never met Sigung WSL, however what my Sifu (Cliff Au Yeung), who was a senior student of sigung, has told me about him, he was quite the gentleman. He devoted his life to the research and development of VT for over 40 years. He sought to find the truth in combat through VT.

His approach was simple, direct, and efficient. He viewed VT as concepts and ideas for fighting. Sifu Cliff Au Yeung wrote an amazing book last year called Wong Shun Leung through my eyes, and I highly recommend this for all VT enthusisasts!

WC&R – What is your favourite wing chun form and why?

Thats a hard one lol! but if I were to pick, I would have to say the Cham Kiu form. Siu Nim Tau form is a very important form as it lays the basic foundation for our training. The concepts of Chiu Ying (facing square), and Lat Sau Jik Chung are taught among others, but what I love about that form is the idea of Gau Bei Ga. Gau Bei Ga is a reference Sigung Wong Shun Leung talked about and stressed in the training. This is the connection between the waist and elbow, and how it is important.

in the SNT form we learn how to properly link the waist and elbow, and once we understand how the elbow is connected to the waist, we then continue to the CK form where we now move the stance, Yiu ma hap yat (waist and stance move as one).

The waist plays a vital role in this. The elbow, waist, and knees, are the major midway points in your body and when linked together you have a strong structure.

What I love about the CK form is the movement, and ideas of protection with the use of the 3 Bong Sau – 1. Piu Bong, Pau Bong, and Dai Bong.

Also the subtle applications from the Cham Kiu form where you can apply them to fighting.

WC&R – What is your favourite aspect of training?

Learning. no matter what, I will always be a student of ving tsun. And being able to apply the ideas and concepts not only in combat but in my lifestyle is a plus.

everything coincides with one another, thats what i love.

WC&Rone lesson regarding training you would tell a younger Sifu Asiatic.

“No rush, no fuss” take your time and everything will happen when it is meant to be, but stay persistent and all the answers to your questions will all be revealed when its time.

Its been an absolute pleasure talking with you today as always. For more information about Sifu Asiatic check out his Instagram page

For more About the UFA Ving Tsun Association

For more about myself – Wingchun_Dave on Instagram

“Wing Chun And Rings, Built From The Ground Up”


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